International Business Week in Jihlava

3 - 7 April 2017


Family Brewery Bernard, established in the 16th century and revived in 1991, was the first purely private brewery opened after 1989 in the Czech Republic. In 2000, the brewery received a capital booster from Duvel Moortgat of Belgium. BERNARD brand had become iconic in the Czech Republic, synonymous with not only quality unpasteurized beer, but also with a way of life.

  • Case study will allow you to understand the financial position of this company.
  • Study the financial data from the financial statements.
  • Analyze the financial position of this company.
  • Answer the questions: Is the company financially stable? Is it successful in its sector?
  • The programme of IBW will allow you to visit variuos types of breweries: Minibrewery in Radniční pivovar Jihlava, Brewery Želiv in Premonstratensian Monastery and Jihlava Brewery Ježek with strategic partner from China CEFC.

Cost per student: 190 €

The cost includes accommodation for 4 nights, 5 lunches, dinner, local breweries visits and trip. You will be staying in a hotel that is in the centre of the city, within a walking distance of the College of Polytechnics in Jihlava (CPJ), there is no need to use local transportation.

During the IBW you will pretend to be the financial managers of the Family Brewery Bernard and you will be required to make a number of management decisions while running it. You will be required to draw on your knowledge acquired in a number of courses you have studied at your university, such as management, marketing, finance, business economics and accounting as well as your common sense and use this knowledge in a practical, realistic situation. You will be divided into teams consisting of students from different countries.

Provisional Programme of the IBW(subject to alterations)


Morning - Programme for the students that will arrive on Sunday (Zoo Jihlava visit)                                                                                                                                        Lunch at the College of Polytechnics (CPJ)                                                                            Afternoon - Introduction of the programme and case study, international reception (presentation of traditional food from each country), establishing teams and city game, Mininbrewery in Radniční Jihlava visit - beer tasting.                                                 


Morning - Leaving for Bernard Brewery in Humpolec
Lunch - in Želiv
Afternoon -  Premonstratensian Monastery in Želiv and its brewery visit
Students' evening
Morning -  Presentations about financial management and insights into beer market in EU and Czech Republic
Lunch - at CPJ
Afternoon - Working on assignements

Morning - Preparing presentations
Lunch - at CPJ
Afternoon - Final presentations
Dinner at Buena Vista Restaurant


Morning - Closing session, announcement of results, distribution of cesrtificates
Lunch - at CPJ

Registration deadline: 28 February 2017

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